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How to Write a Good Email

Writing an email feels so basic that we often don’t stop to think [...]

What Happened When I Paused My Inbox

I’ve known for a long time what a time-suck checking email can be. [...]

The Five Whys in Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you are on a team. For every transaction [...]

How to Convince Agents They Can’t Do Anything in Four Easy Steps

How to Convince Agents They Can't Do Anything in Four Easy Steps Step [...]

Clear Off Your Desktop – The Price of Visual Clutter

Most of us understand what clutter is. Clutter is the useless junk that [...]

Listing Presentation Dos and Don’ts

Listing Presentation Dos and Don’ts   Lately we’ve been talking a lot about [...]

The Art of Stress Free Productivity

Stress Free Productivity The other day I was watching a TED [...]

Laws of Real Estate Productivity

I was reading an article in Elite Daily by James Clear about how [...]

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Asana for Real Estate Agents: Make Task-Management Work for You

A few years ago I stumbled upon Asana, a new task management software [...]

Why I’m Not Renewing Zillow Premier

I’ve been a Zillow premier agents for a few years and even sat [...]